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April 2005


Hello and welcome to Wheatstone World.


Already it's April, almost a third of the year gone and the signs of spring are sneaking out here in the UK.  As we look around at our clients and colleagues, we also see that 2005 is turning out to be a year of renewed business growth. 


In this issue of Wheatstone World you will find news about our recent and forthcoming business activities, especially about our growing range of mobile industry directories. We have some hints for expanding your operations to the Pacific Rim, and we also tell you about the public events we will be chairing or addressing in the coming months.


This month we are especially delighted to be launching our new on-line mobile industry resource. Click here to visit and register right away!  We invite you to sign up as a member and gain access to all the goodies within. Your comments and suggestions will also be very welcome.  


We have some other exciting projects on the bubble right now and we will be in touch with you again shortly to tell you all about them.


Until then, enjoy the spring!


Peter George & Stef Coetzee



Wheatstone World


Mobile Data Mini Directories


You may already be familiar with a new series of mobile solution directories which we are publishing in conjunction with the Mobile Data Association (MDA) (www.mda-mobiledata.org).


The Mobile Data Mini Directories are distributed free with editions of Mobile Data News to over 2000 subscribers and are also available for download from the MDA website. So far over 10,000 people world-wide have done this!


Each directory focuses on a different mobility topic and is designed to act as an easy reference guide for a complete global sector.


So far the series has covered Mobile Messaging, Mobile Broadband and Mobile Data Processing. You can download these from the MDA website, or by signing up to our new online portal (see below).


Coming soon are directories covering Mobile Entertainment and Media, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Enterprise and many more. We aim to publish 12 in all.


If you would like to ensure that your company is included in the directory series, be sure to complete the inclusion form on the Directory Website.





A Special Invitation


Long standing Wheatstone customers and contacts will undoubtedly remember the OGMMF Mobile Mailings we used to send as part of our activities to raise awareness of issues surrounding convergent standards in the mobile communications and computing worlds. Part of that work led to our creation of the Mobile Management Forum which ran from 1999 -2003. Our OGMMF mailings stopped around the same time as the MMF completed its work.


Last September we started again and this time, instead of sending our news and views out by email we have put them in the form of a weblog in an online forum. We have called the forum MobileDataNews to maintain the family links with our extremely popular newsletter we publish on behalf of the Mobile Data Association. The online version is different because it gives you, the reader, a chance to get involved, add your own topics and stories and comment on submissions thus sharing your views with our entire audience.


Up until now MoblieDataNews Online as been available in read-only format to only a very small group of people who have helped us with the alpha testing. As of today we are extending an invitation to sign-up to the forum to you, one of our selected group of customers and colleagues. As a member you will have the facility to interact and discuss topics of interest to you.




Business Expansion in Asia Pacific


For the last year or so we have been working with various government agencies to promote bilateral trade promotion and industry growth with the UK, particularly in mobile and wireless computing.

We have been employing our
Wheatstone Ignition service to good effect in supporting the expansion of non-UK businesses in the market here. We have recently been working with a Government Agency to conduct research into the prospects for UK companies expanding to the Asia Pacific region.


As an example of the market potential, official GSM industry figures confirmed the region accounted for some 40 per cent of the global mobile subscriber base – a share which would put its roaming revenues at an estimated US$20 billion annually.


As a result of our work we have developed a white paper which will be of interest to anyone who sees Pacific Rim expansion in their business plans for the coming 2-3 years.


If your business is seeking to expand to the Asia Pacific region and would like to receive our white paper, please drop us a line and we will send you a copy.




Come Meet Us


In the coming weeks and months we will be speaking at and chairing some industry events. We invite you to come along and say hello. We would be delighted to chat and buy you a coffee, or even something slightly stronger if it is after business hours!


Everything wireless, everything mobile.
Olympia 2, London
Wednesday 20 April 2005, 9.30am-5.30pm
Thursday 21 April 2005, 9.30am-4.00pm


Both Stef and Peter will be chairing one day each of the two day Unplugged seminar series.  Also speaking at this event will be our friend and colleague Richard Paine of Boeing, who was Chairman of the Mobile Management Forum and worked with us on the development of the Secure Mobile Architecture. Richard has been active in driving seamless mobility and roaming in the IEEE, is chair of the IEEE 802.11k and will be speaking the about seamless mobility and  the Secure Mobile Architecture implementation at Boeing in his presentation entitled “Flying towards a VoWLAN standard”.



'BizTech' – The Business Technology Forum
Court Gardens, Marlow

Thursday 12 May 2005


Peter will be speaking in his capacity as an Executive Director of the Mobile Data Association.  His presentation will provide an update on the latest applications in mobile data, including: trends in mobile working, how businesses are gaining competitive advantage and offering actionable advice for the Board.



See you there!



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Is yours a Boundaryless Organisation?

 The need for enterprises to have Boundaryless Information Flow™ stems from the need to improve operational efficiencies and competitive advantage. Business processes must be integrated horizontally and vertically creating a Boundaryless Organization to improve operational efficiencies.


A Boundaryless Organization needs a Boundaryless Information Flow™ and the systems currently supporting your business processes may present obstacles because they contain multiple ‘stove-pipe’ technology solutions where information is not currently shared; in other words a lack of integrated information.


If you would like to know how your business can become a Boundaryless Organization, please contact us.




Stuff We Like

All work and no play makes for a dull life. Each month we present a few of the things we are using to entertain ourselves during our downtime.


This month, Peter’s selection of books and music. 


I trawl the MEGAHERTZ

Paddy McAloon

A beautiful symphony with a spoken narration. Perfect for a long drive home late at night


Three Street Worlds

Two Banks of Four

A modern-day revision of soul-jazz. Beautiful songs about life in contemporary London.


Cloud Atlas

David Mitchell

Six elaborately interwoven stories about the nature of civilization.


The Ancestors Tale

Richard Dawkins

The family tree of the human species told in the style of the Canterbury Tales: a pilgrimage back in time over four billion years.




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